ZyXEL is Gigabit Ethernet-adapters for electricity.

In the market for a wide range of Ethernet-boards using data conventional electric networks, which in some cases is the only effective solution for building a small local network.
Now known company ZyXEL is the world's first gigabit solutions of its kind in the form of two adapters ZyXEL PLA5206 and ZyXEL PLA5405. They are able to operate at a distance up to 300 meters and provide a 128-bit AES-encryption.
The maximum data rate at ZyXEL PLA5206 is 1Gbit / s, while the PLA5405, thanks to technology Line-Natural / Line-Ground MIMO, - 1,2 Gbit / s. It is expected that sales of adapters ZyXEL PLA5206 will begin on 1 September at the price of $ 160 per couple, and the issue PLA5405 held a month later - in October 2014 the last price is not reported.