The most original “review” and “testingĀ» iPhone 6 Plus

Familiar to many Western-YouTube viewers videoobozrevatel Richard Ryan decided to hold a "decompression" and "review" of the new smartphone from Apple, namely the iPhone 6 Plus, around which the press is being so much talk. However, the review did not come out quite traditional, but interesting (unlike the vast majority of extremely dull and monotonous "unboxing")!
The most original "review" and "testingĀ» iPhone 6 Plus
If we formulate more precisely, it is not even a review, and brutal test of endurance. The test, which can not be won. And, looking ahead, let's say that the iPhone 6 Plus in this trial did not survive ...

To begin with Richie froze smartphone in the bath of liquid nitrogen. Then covered with frost device was exposed to cruel punishment. The executioner raised his sledgehammer over condemned and resolutely smashed the unfortunate device for which many would give a kidney or even sold to a child (been there).

After freezing iPhone 6 Plus still showed signs of life, but after hitting a sledgehammer patient stopped working (at once!). Parts of the phone even remained intact, got off lightly, but it does not change - the smartphone was savagely destroyed (finally found a real "killer iPhone").
Hasta la vista, baby!

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