“Smart” pan Smartypan

The regiment of "smart" devices the next replenishment. At this time the developers were probably hungry, because the strength of their inquisitive mind turned to the banal, seemingly thing - frying pan.
The result was the development of "smart" pan SmartyPan, which is due to the presence of complex sensors capable of measuring the weight of the ingredients, their temperature and humidity. The obtained data are transmitted via Bluetooth wireless technology, a special mobile app.
The application, in turn, can operate in two modes - direct display of the above parameters in either recipe, giving the owner SmartyPan simple instructions on the need of certain actions in the cooking process. Application allows you to download thousands of different recipes.
Today SmartyPan is a project on the service Indiegogo, and not very popular - the creators of the 20 days was able to collect less than $ 2,000 of the planned $ 90,000. But they still have time until October 17.