Selfie Arm from Satechi – phone on a stick

Fashion on the self continues to gain momentum. Not surprisingly, the market there are accessories that make the creation of this kind of images easier.
Selfie Arm from Satechi - phone on a stick
Satechi developers offered to the public rather amusing solution "problems." Device called Selfie Arm and allows you to shoot in this style almost professionally.
With the help of any smartphone.

Superficially - a special stand for mobile devices. It is made in the form of a stick, which allows you to delay the device with a camera at the right distance away. After that, just press the button on the handle of the gadget and self will be done.
Selfie Arm from Satechi - phone on a stick
It is convenient by eliminating the need to reach for the phone.
Powered Selfie Arm via Bluetooth, which guarantees connectivity to all popular models (Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 6 - no difference). There is support for the appropriate wireless interface? Difficulties will not arise even with anonymous Chinese "hits."
How much is the invention? Not too scary - 39,99 USD.