Processor for the iPhone 6 did not Samsung

Apple and Samsung have been partners for a long time, but a few years ago, the relationship soured. Blame loud patent disputes, fierce competition in the smartphone market and other conflicts.
Processor for the iPhone 6 did not Samsung
This did not stop the South Korean company to be a key supplier of processors for gadgets from Cupertino. Only she could provide mobile chips for the "apple" of the Corporation (the right amount).
At Apple, however, found a way to refuse the services of an opponent. This proves the recently released iPhone 6.

The new smart phone, as is well known, board is installed A8. It was expected that she - as the A7 year ago - belongs to Samsung. But experts from the project Chipworks disassembled flagship and came to a curious conclusion: this component is produced by another company.
Processor for the iPhone 6 did not Samsung
We are talking about Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Apple has long worked with TSMC, but the latter could not manage to meet the urgent needs of American friends.
Until today.
It is clear that now everything is different. Taiwanese engineers have managed to set up production of promising platform A8 for iPhone 6. Their progress is impressive: they conquered the bar in the 20 nm and placed "on board" 2000000000 transistors (previous generation - in this parameter - twice as bad).
Processor for the iPhone 6 did not Samsung
Moreover, the graphics core became more efficient by 50%. A7 relative, of course.
For Samsung said - not the best alignment of events. Apple in the sale of said number does not complain, but the Koreans are no longer profit. After all, they do not have the chip inside.

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