Intel introduced a laptop with an optional display E-ink

Laptops with two displays is not very accustomed to the market, nevertheless attempts to issue such devices have - for example dvuhdispleynaya line Asus Taichi, which allows you to use your laptop in the folded state as a tablet.
Intel has gone in a slightly different way and demonstrated a prototype notebook-like design, featuring the use of E-ink display on the outer surface of the cover.
This solution allows to display notes, photos, or other content, practically consuming energy at a time when the notebook is off or in hibernation mode.
A special thanks to the Intel is also the possibility of periodically updating data from the Internet without the need to turn on a laptop, so you can receive, for example, weather, notification of incoming mail and so on.
If you are interested in such a solution manufacturers, Intel plans to ensure their reference design and specialized SDK next year.