Dell Inspiron laptop exploded and almost killed an American

Typically, these PE occur with mobile technology - smartphones, for example. But from time to time over the traditional gadgets become heroes of this kind of news.
Alas: the accident seriously affected elderly American woman, 72-year-old Loretta Luff from Pennsylvania. Her favorite laptop Dell Inspiron exploded in her hands.

The explosion was so strong that the battery pack is the computer was thrown across the room. Among other things on Loretta shirt caught fire, she has received numerous burns to his hands, legs and face (not counting the shrapnel wounds).
Considerable damage to the laptop struck an apartment landlady came into complete disrepair carpet and table, where there was a portable PC.
Arrived on-call firefighters stated that the reason for fire is battery Inspiron. Probably not very high quality. True Dell representatives of the fault in the incident has not yet seen.
Dell Inspiron laptop exploded and almost killed an American
The company has promised to conduct a thorough examination. However, experts found signs of replacing the factory battery. It turns out that the trouble came to the woman on her own initiative.
Luff was set Inspiron more capacious battery manufacturing firm Dell. For unclear reasons, she used the (possible) products other offices.