Cowboys high technology

Very original viral video created Australian advertising agency BCM. He sarcastically tells the story of two tough cowboys, loading into scuzzy bar alcohol and, incidentally, laments for modern technology - smart phones, wearable gadgets, Internet, Internet services and start-ups.
Cowboys high technology
Two other long and well, apparently accustomed to the rigors of an alternative of the Wild West, in a leisurely conversation over a glass of brown liquid, with indignation and resentment discuss cons of Internet services: - "I asked his son to add me on Facebook as a friend, but he still not added - probably I'm a bad father "; resent the display sizes of new smartphones: - "My smartphone display was like a computer, and the computer - like a TV"; talk about the Google Glass and other high-tech vanity century development of the Internet.

Passing sullen guys say that dating via the Internet - for losers, as well as talk about venture capital investments in start-ups ("I'm going to invest in a website, then selling a billion Zuckerberg").
Discussions concern and technologies such as three-dimensional printing ("I typed 3D-printer on 3D-printer. - Why? - To print the following 3D-printers on them at the same time!").
Finally, after intense discussions about tech, serious people are trying to pay for the drinks Bitcoins, and when the bartender says that Bitcoin payment is not received, one of the cowboys offers a lot of money to throw through Visa payWave.

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