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  • Windows 10: The best hidden features, tips, and tricks

    After using Windows 10 for almost a week, I’ve discovered some neat little changes and features that Microsoft hasn’t yet discussed — smart tweaks that, if you’re a mouse-and-keyboard user looking for a reason to upgrade from Windows 7, you will be very pleased with. Let’s dive straight in with my favorite secret/hidden features of […]

  • Asus ROG G20 – a compact PC for gamers

    Asus has delighted gamers new desktop that takes up very little space, without losing performance. Dimensions futuristic body ROG G20 are only 104h340h358 mm, and thanks to a special cooling system it produces very little noise during operation. Gaming desktop comes with a variety of processors up to Intel Core i7-4790, H97 motherboard supports up […]

  • Logitech K480 – Keyboard Dock for multiple devices

    Logitech has released a new wireless keyboard Logitech K480, providing simultaneous operation of both the PC and mobile devices, for which there is a special dock. On the left side of the keyboard there is a special wheel that provides fast switching between the three devices to which the keyboard is connected to technology Bluetooth. […]

  • Minix Neo Z64 – Set-top box with Android and Windows

    Minix company for several years produces a compact set-top boxes that connect to the TV through the port HDMI, which allow you to take advantage of the Android OS on the big screen. A new product from this manufacturer - Minix Neo Z64 differs in that it allows the owner to use not only the […]

  • ZyXEL is Gigabit Ethernet-adapters for electricity.

    In the market for a wide range of Ethernet-boards using data conventional electric networks, which in some cases is the only effective solution for building a small local network. Now known company ZyXEL is the world's first gigabit solutions of its kind in the form of two adapters ZyXEL PLA5206 and ZyXEL PLA5405. They are […]

  • Acer Chromebox CXI will go on sale in September

    Acer has plans in September this year to start selling its first American desktop, running an operating system Google Chrome OS, which was named Acer Chromebox CXI. Asus target a new product for the education and business markets, but the computer will be able to buy anyone who is interested in an inexpensive and compact […]