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  • Sony plans to focus on the release of the smartphone class High-End

    According to the information which from DigiTimes, Sony Corporation has reviewed its financial condition in order to find the cause of the loss, which is four times higher than expectations. Apparently, the reason for the losses was the production of smartphones secondary and primary levels, where Sony can not compete with cheap Chinese alternatives. As […]

  • ZyXEL is Gigabit Ethernet-adapters for electricity.

    In the market for a wide range of Ethernet-boards using data conventional electric networks, which in some cases is the only effective solution for building a small local network. Now known company ZyXEL is the world's first gigabit solutions of its kind in the form of two adapters ZyXEL PLA5206 and ZyXEL PLA5405. They are […]

  • Acer Chromebox CXI will go on sale in September

    Acer has plans in September this year to start selling its first American desktop, running an operating system Google Chrome OS, which was named Acer Chromebox CXI. Asus target a new product for the education and business markets, but the computer will be able to buy anyone who is interested in an inexpensive and compact […]

  • Cowboys high technology

    Very original viral video created Australian advertising agency BCM. He sarcastically tells the story of two tough cowboys, loading into scuzzy bar alcohol and, incidentally, laments for modern technology - smart phones, wearable gadgets, Internet, Internet services and start-ups. Cowboys high technology Two other long and well, apparently accustomed to the rigors

  • Dell Inspiron laptop exploded and almost killed an American

    Typically, these PE occur with mobile technology - smartphones, for example. But from time to time over the traditional gadgets become heroes of this kind of news. Alas: the accident seriously affected elderly American woman, 72-year-old Loretta Luff from Pennsylvania. Her favorite laptop Dell Inspiron exploded in her hands. The explosion was so strong that […]

  • Smartphone Gionee Elife S5.1 hit the Guinness Book of Records

    Earlier this month, Gionee, more than once to produce "most-most" world's thinnest smartphone, unveiled another device Elife S5.1, the thickness of which was only 5.15 mm, and finally got him in the Guinness Book of Records, where Elife S5.1 officially recognized as the world's thinnest smartphone. This gadget is equipped with a 4.8-inch AMOLED-display with […]

  • Processor for the iPhone 6 did not Samsung

    Apple and Samsung have been partners for a long time, but a few years ago, the relationship soured. Blame loud patent disputes, fierce competition in the smartphone market and other conflicts. Processor for the iPhone 6 did not Samsung This did not stop the South Korean company to be a key supplier of processors for […]

  • LG makes Android- “cot” in South Korea

    Phone form factor "clamshell" were once very popular, which is not the moment when they seem more a curiosity, however, and today some markets manufacturers continue to produce such devices. For example, LG Corp. pleased with South Korean buyers smartphone LG Wine Smart, made ​​in the form of the classic "clamshell", but running on OS […]

  • The most original “review” and “testing» iPhone 6 Plus

    Familiar to many Western-YouTube viewers videoobozrevatel Richard Ryan decided to hold a "decompression" and "review" of the new smartphone from Apple, namely the iPhone 6 Plus, around which the press is being so much talk. However, the review did not come out quite traditional, but interesting (unlike the vast majority of extremely dull and monotonous […]

  • Benchmark iPhone 6

    New smartphones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is Apple's second-generation use 64-bit mobile processors Apple A8, and it is now possible to assess their performance in the test Basemark X for comparison with previous versions of iPhone. So, iPhone 6 scored in this test 21,204.26 points, which is not much more than 20,253.80 in […]