Amazon introduced a powerful children’s plates with an unusual guarantee

In the "pill" for young people are nothing new. Release of these gadgets are engaged in dozens of companies. Often, however, these models differ greatly - for the worse - from the versions designed for an adult audience.
Amazon introduced a powerful children's plates with an unusual guarantee
Developers from Amazon decided it was time to rectify the situation for the better. Why do children have to be content with slow processors, low-cost screens and other simplifications?
Fire HD Kids Edition devoid of the above-mentioned drawbacks.

If you believe the creators devaysa, he invented "from scratch" especially for representatives of the young age. Taking into account all the relevant requirements. The device not only has a unique design (with bumpers without sharp corners), but also quite powerful technical "stuffing".
Amazon introduced a powerful children's plates with an unusual guarantee
Detailed characteristics of yet, but it is known that there processor with 4 cores at 1.5 GHz, a display resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels, as well as built-in storage capacity from 8 to 16 GB (depending on version).
Fire HD Kids Edition, among other things, will provide parental controls and subscription FreeTime Unlimited. This will allow for a year with Amazon download hundreds of movies, games and books that are available to owners of this package.
But most importantly, the corporation gives a 2 year warranty. And it is very unusual. Buyers the opportunity to promise without question replace the tablet in the case of any failure. Baby drowned him in the pool, or broke accidentally dropped from the table? No problem - the company promptly and send a free.
Price not "bite": $ 149 for the 6-inch version and 189 for the 7-inch.