Amazon expands its line of e-readers

Amazon company expands its line of e-readers with two new models.
The first of these is the entry-level device and costs $ 79. The model has a 6-inch touchscreen Pearl E Ink display with a density of 167 pixels per inch, 4 GB of internal flash memory and support for Wi-Fi 802.11n standard to download content from the Kindle Store.
EReader weighs 190 grams with a thickness of 10 mm. It is worth noting that the $ 79 - this is the price for the version with "special offers" that is, with advertising on the home screen to get the model without advertising will have to pay $ 20.

The second, more advanced model, called the Kindle Voyage. It also has a 6-inch touchscreen display, but with illumination and a greater density - 300 pixels per inch. The screen has an adaptive light sensor, while Amazon reports that it is 39 percent brighter compared to its predecessors.
Kindle Voyage is also equipped with 4 GB of internal memory, supports Wi-Fi, and its dimensions are 16,3h11,4h0,8 cm, weight 180 g Price of the device is $ 200. There is also a version with support for 3G, which costs $ 70 more expensive.